Data and privacy policy


This Data Protection and Privacy Policy (“the Policy”) explains when and why I (Charlie Colenutt) collect personal information about you, how I use it, how I keep it secure and the circumstances when it may be disclosed to others. The policy also explains your rights in relation to that personal information.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner (registration No. ZB238978.)

This website uses as both platform and host. This is a product provided by the non-profit Ghost Foundation Ltd ("Ghost"), whose privacy policy can be found here.

Data collection

When do I collect your personal information?

In general, I will collect personal information from you on only one occasion: when you sign up / subscribe to my website and newsletter. This sign up occurs when you fill in information at

Other possible moments of personal data collection:

  • If a paid subscription model were introduced and you were to sign up to said model.
  • In direct communications with me.
  • When you browse the website, and Ghost automatically collects certain data (see below).

What information do I collect?

I (via the Ghost platform) may collect:

  • Your name
  • Your email address

And the Ghost platform may automatically collect:

  • Your location
  • Name of the domain from which you access the Internet
  • Date and time of your visit
  • Pages you visit on this website
  • Whether you have opened an email sent via the Ghost platform
  • Internet protocol (IP) address

The above list is not intended to be exclusive.

What happens to my personal information once I have disclosed it to you?

The aforementioned data is stored by Ghost. I am able to see only your names, email addresses, and whether you have opened an email sent by this website via the Ghost platform.

Your data is not shared with third parties for the purposes of advertising, marketing, or any other commercial purpose.

Your data is also not used for associating search terms or patterns of site navigation with individual users.

Why do you collect my personal information?

Here, it's useful to distinguish between the two types of data: that which is automatically collected by Ghost, and that which you voluntarily enter upon signing up / subscribing to my website and newsletter.

The first type (collected upon your signing up) is used by me to send out my newsletter.

The second (auto-collected) type is used: (i) to measure the number of visitors to various sections of the website; (ii) to determine whether a particular user has opened an email; (iii) to identify issues with the performance of the website and/or Ghost platform.

When will you delete my personal information?

Should you click "unsubscribe" from an emailed newsletter, your personal data will be deleted.

Also, I will delete inactive subscribers/users every 3 months.

The basis of my data collection

The basis for my processing of your personal data is the consent and/or express consent that you have given me to do so. You provided me with this consent and/or express consent by signing up / subscribing to my newsletter and website.

Your rights

As a result of the above basis of processing, you have the following rights:

  • to access your personal information
  • to be provided with information about how your personal information is processed
  • to have your personal information corrected
  • to have your personal information erased. Please be aware that erasing your personal information may prevent us from continuing to provide services to you.
  • to object to or restrict how your personal information is processed
  • to have your personal information transferred to yourself or to another business in certain circumstances

To exercise these rights, please contact me at


Should you wish to complain about how I process your personal information, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner:

0303 123 1113.
Information Commissioner's Office Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF